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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Automate browser testing…

I’m currently working on developing a very tiny framework to implmenet test-automation, using standard web technologies…..

Keep watching this space for updates, and source-code-host details.!

The mystery of the implementation releaved….

Basics of developing browser-based-IDE to develop web-applications:

1. Browser should handle IDE content as HTML, and the code being develped using it as a NON-HTML format. Otherwise, even that code would be considered to be part of the rendered page. cURL is a tool that is used by developers to test Google Data services, as it supports the HTTP functionality required to interact with the APIs at a low level.

2. Prepare a sandbox as part of IDE, that enables to debug code-being-writtetn, instead of  handling its parsing to Chrome-browser. Hence, the sandbox does parsing, and rendering UI of that without browser's default behaviour.

3. Cross-origin/unmatching domain requests handling.

As part of enhancing security of web-apps, browser does not allow any document to interact with other document served from a different domain. Ex: HDFC-Netbanking webpage, cannot be given access, to a webpage from Hence, atomicity of data access is ensured.

4. Asynchronous execution of several activities, while user does not feel slow performance while writing code. For example, a code written is being built, while user develops another document in the IDE. Hence, two activities run in parallel, and reduce hanging.

5. Authorization
     User should be able to develop a live-web-page for another website, while the IDE is running in a seperate domain. This requires a trust to be established for overcoming issues described in 3rd point.

6. Authentication
     Along with 5th need, a user may also try develop an application within a secure-application isolated from other apps hosted on the same domain. Example, Google search does not require you to login, while GMail mandates to login before granting access to its resources.

7. Token-based-session-handling….

Friends, so lets start gathering feedback from the community, meanwhile the project-code would be hosted at inside “Pariksha” repository upon receiving enhancement of storage-quota. So this year, would gift you an opensource browser-based-IDE for new-year.

Happy new year 2012 in advance…!!!


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