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Monday, May 7, 2012

Crisis at the moment for developers working on mobile-web-development

Mobile-based web-applications for targets with innate resource-constrained environment, browser apps – Customer Feedback for Microsoft:

Please enable required features to mobile-based develop applications using various browser-engines (Webkit2, Gecko, V8, Rhino, Chakra) etc., for making developers adapt to visual studio for writing code at great-ease.

A partial list of features which might be required as part of this idea are:

1. Monitoring of transport/session layer (i.e., HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SOCKS, TELNET, any other port valid in context to the mobile-webapp)
2. Synchronous/Asynchronous modes of javascript execution monitoring.
3. Indirect/Proxy mode supported browsers.
a. Various proxies involved for optimizing mobile web content suitable for browsers running inside smartphones i.e., Content optimizing, Content transcoding, Content media quality altering, kinds of Proxy servers. Most popular buzz words include, WURFL, Novarra, mobiweb, mobileforge, Opera Mini, Google-Services-for-Mobiles etc.,  .

b. Debugging scenarios including such content-proxy servers should be enabled for supporting, as part of, remote debugging services, should be enabled in IDE.

c. Chromeless(Widgets) web-apps, debugging such apps running on top of web-runtimes.

4. API/Libraries intellisense should have a clear indication, for marking Standard/Non-Standard code, being displayed with relevance to the nature of application being developed in any context.

5. Native debugging protocols offered by browser-manufacturing-vendors (chrome://, resource://, about:config, about:debug etc.,); should be utilised by the IDE, for offering flexible and robust suggestions for the developer/programmers inside this IDE.

K Chandrasekhar Omkar,
Hobbyist Researcher in applied web standards and progressive mobile web apps recommendations.

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