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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meltemi - Ulm

Meltemi Nokia's operating system in the development of their work in Ulm in Germany will lose employees have set up new abilities called for community work. Nokia made ​​the decision earlier this month to stop the development of the Meltemi and terminate a total of 10 000 employees.

  • This project is a Nokia Ulm people working in the creation,
  • The company announced the closure of Ulm office, many of us joined the group to plan for something that can help us achieve a better future, the manifesto continues.

Community to monitor its website and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Community shall inform one tiimiprofiileista investors and individual employees' CVs to companies who need a "real talent".
Financial information

Nokia Meltemi, the development of the employees involved have been visibly bitter decision to close down the company's operating system development.

Even in the spring of Nokia promised Ulmille rosy future, and the company finally decided, after being shelved Meltemi apparently already almost done.

But, Jolla is a company formed by individuals who are former employees of Nokia, and those who were part of that project.

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