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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Powerful GUI test automation tools

Test Automation - A perennial river of ideas

Ultimate GUI testing tools

        Test automation development is definitely  most  tough development tasks 
        in the  world  of  software  development. GUI testing makes it much more 
        complex and blocks going further with Solution. While  I was  exploring
        Ubuntu  Saucy packages  in aptitude, I saw 
        two     amazing    utilities   namely,    actionaz    and  
        expect-dev. Upon  doing    a   bit  of research on them I 
        understood what they are capable of and  drafted their abilities below.
        Hope they help you!.

Yours, K Chandrasekhar Omkar

Test Automation Tools:

"actionaz" ===========

Emulate human activity through a powerful GUI and JavaScript Actionaz is an application that allows you to execute many actions on your ▒ computer such as emulating mouse clicks, key presses, showing message boxes, ▒ editing text files, etc. Tasks can be created using a simple editor or using ▒ the EcmaScript (JavaScript) programming language for more customization. ▒ Actionaz is cross-platform.

"expect-dev" ===========

Automates interactive applications (development) Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications according to a script.# Following the script, Expect knows what can be expected from a program and what▒ the correct response should be. Expect is also useful for testing these same ▒ applications. And by adding Tk, you can also wrap interactive applications in ▒ X11 GUIs. An interpreted language provides branching and high-level control ▒ structures to direct the dialogue. In addition, the user can take control and ▒ interact directly when desired, afterward returning control to the script. ▒ ▒ This package contains the development files and examples. ▒ Homepage: ▒

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