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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note3 (SM-N900)…

Congratulations on getting an:

1. Octacore,
2. 3GB RAM Builr-In
3. 96 GB (32-built-in, 64-expandable) capable,
4. 13 MP (back) + 2MP (front),
5. Android KitKit 4.4.2 (as on 28th Aug’14),
6. 3G (WCDMA & HSPDA),
7. Dual WiFi Support (One for receiving, one for either receiving or for turning into hotspot)
8. Stylus, which offers operability 3 mm distance away from your touch screen and if you hover at top and bottom it starts scrolling the page automatically wiithout hassle of touching the screen.
9. 3,200 mAH capacity battery which is a decent potential amongst all so-called-ultimate-phones…
10. Ultimate, Incredible, Awesome… can be attributed to this smartphone’s sleekness…and … potential..

:( Rooting this device is very tough … I researched a lot and finally succeeded in it and wanted to share with those who want to root their killer-device.


  1. Download these URLs:
    1. Please download SM-N900 Galaxy Note3 Drivers for Windows from
    2. Install the driver on a Windows machine. Ensure device isn’t connected to your machine while driver installs.
  2. Download this file and extract it for obtaining these files.
    1. CF-Auto-Root.tar
    2. Odin3.ini
    3. Odin3-v3.07.exe
    4. tmax.dll
    5. zlib.dll
  3. You need to get your phone into recovery mode. Follow these steps for entering into recovery mode:
    1. Longhold PowerButton + VolumeDown + Menu Keys for 8 seconds. Ensure you release PowerButton after the phone reboots but continue to hold the rest of the keys.
    2. You now are in Recovery Mode. You will be asked if you want to enter download-mode for flashing files sent via USB using ADB Sideload feature. Ofcourse, this process is automated by Odin tool which further flashes your device.
    3. Choose VolumeUp key to reach fastboot-initiated-sideload-mode i.e., called Download mode.
  4. Open ODIN3.07.exe and

Attributes & Acknowledgements: Thanks to and ODIN Tool for detailing the process to root Note3 and special thanks to the portal that hosted ODIN_V3.07 tool.

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